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Cylinder Head India - About

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Our organisation, led by dynamic entrepreneurs who value Professional Ethics, Quality driven services, and good customer service, is a trademark committed to excellence. We adhere to international benchmarks in locomotive expertise, specializing in designing and developing Quality Cylinder Heads for various vehicles, including heavy locomotives, commercial trucks, tractors, and 2-3 wheeler vehicles.

Our forte is excellence in Quality Cylinder Heads. The spare parts we manufacture are a perfect blend, serving as reliable alternatives to genuine parts. The highly accurate and precise products have earned us a commanding position in the spare parts industry, thanks to exceptional production standards maintained at all levels.

SIKCO strongly believes in ‘Giving Back to the society.’ Our policies and procedures are executed with minimal carbon footprints, aligning with sustainable development goals.

As Quality Engine Suppliers, we are dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for your Quality Cylinder Heads needs. We underscore our commitment to quality with a focus on sustainable development.


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Quality Assurance

Globally we are committed to continuous improvement, quality control and customer satisfaction. Our company believes in the concept of total quality management; with an emphasis on quality in man, material and process. The quality assurance procedures are regularly appraised by various competent bodies of recognised standards. Quality is not a slogan but a pledge in our organisation and we endeavour to produce the best quality cylinder head, as it is one of the most important factors that has taken us so far in this trade.


Each cylinder head is rigorously inspected by the quality compliance team with the help of measuring instruments and gauges before it is dispatched.

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Vast experience

SIKCO is known for its Unparalleled Quality for over 38 years

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Progressive approach towards providing you the best quality cylinder head

Production Standards

Use of high quality QC methodologies to cater to the SIKCO’s standards of productions

Quality Assurance

Testing done at each and every stage of production to ensure high efficiency in deliveries

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Vast Experience and Industry knowledge

We are one of the oldest and largest cylinder head manufacturing units in India. We aim to deliver the best quality and finest replacement parts to you.
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To be the customer’s first choice in the purchase, We aim to be recognised globally as a leading automotive solution provider with brilliance In all areas from contrivance to implementation.The company has a vision to maintain the highest standard of excellence in producing cylinder head while being sensitive to the customers’ needs, environmental and manpower compliances.

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We endeavour to achieve a leading position in the automotive industry by bringing new technology, offering pioneer solutions and excelling in each of the business areas. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality services in the most efficient manner at a  reasonable price.

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Quality, Customer Focus, Team Work, unification and Sustained Profitable Growth

Stringent Methods | Hi-Tech Quality Check


Well established, cutting-edge technology enables us to provide the desired logistics to the customers as and when needed. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that the demand and supply are effortlessly met in our company. We provide easy availability and accessibility to the products worldwide. We offer reliable but flexible delivery options available that ensure an efficient and swift service.


SIKCO lays a lot of emphasis on quality. A progressive and updated approach helps us to incorporate exceptional quality and maintain it with rigorous Quality Checks.

This is done by having random sampling checks done for the incoming raw materials.


Prudent and effective cost monitoring techniques have enabled us to serve exceptional quality goods with competitive price. Proper coherence between the designing and engineering departments further ensures unsurpassed deliverables. We further ensure judicious sourcing of reliable raw material that helps us to maintain distinct quality.