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Providing Reliable and Durable Engine for Optimal Performance

Welcome to SIKCO, your trusted destination for premium cast iron engine parts. We stand as a leading supplier, delivering excellence through our meticulously crafted products. Our commitment to quality ensures that every component we offer is not just reliable and durable, but also designed to optimize overall engine performance. Whether it’s cylinder heads, engine blocks, or pistons, our advanced manufacturing processes create parts that meet the highest standards. Get your free quote now!

Cylinder Head and Blocks

Our custom cylinder heads feature the precision crafting of critical components like valve seats and guides. Our engine blocks, cast from FG25 to FG35 cast iron and COMPACTED GRAPHITE IRON, cater to diverse needs. We also offer customization to match your specific requirements.

Unparalleled Expertise

With 38+ years in the field, SIKCO leads with expertise. Our commitment to excellence brings top-quality cylinder heads and engine parts. Serving diverse vehicles: locomotives, trucks, tractors, 2-3 wheelers.

Quality Assurance

Our journey thrives on unwavering quality pursuit. Total quality management guides us, maintaining high standards. Rigorous testing and precise instruments ensure each cylinder head excels before delivery. Quality isn’t a slogan, but our driving force.

Mercedes OM 366/352

Weight per piece: 42.5 KGS APPROX.
Material: FG 260/CI GRADE 25.
Engine Name: OM 366

Mercedes OM-314/360

Weight per piece: 30.5 KGS APPROX.
Material: FG 260/CI GRADE 25.
Engine Name: OM 314

Volvo Construction Equipment

Weight per piece: 41 APPROX
Material: FG 260/CI GRADE 25.
Engine Name: 4804708-8,4804467-1