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SIKCO is one of the renowned leading cylinder head Manufacturers by revenue, established in 1984. We manufacture and distribute a wide range of high quality cast iron SG25 grade ENGINE CYLINDER HEAD. As reputable quality engine suppliers, we take pride in our expertise in producing top-notch truck cylinder head that meet the highest standards. Our industrial base is built over more than 36 years of experience in creating the evolution of Automotive, Agricultural & Industrial, OEM / After-Market high quality cast iron Spare Parts. From innovative design to precision manufacturing…we are earnest about quality and workmanship at every step of the process.

We manufacture and sell, with a quality cylinder head range, and exceptional logistics facilities backed with high-end technology, we are a brand to reckon with. Our client-centric approach and over 4 decades of experience have made us a distinguished and acclaimed vendor in the OEM & spare parts market. We here in the organization work together as a family, which is foremost to deliver and maintain our quality standards. Quality benchmarks, including Quality Cast Iron, are meticulously maintained by us at all levels. If you are looking for top-notch cylinder heads, including Caterpillar Cylinder Head, look no further than SIKCO.

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    Truck Cylinder Head

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    We are also dealing with half engine heads. Contact us for more info.

    Cylinder Head India

    Heavy Locomotive

    Tractor Cylinder Head


    Cylinder Head India

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    Truck Cylinder Head

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    Designing & Development

    Development of high performance” We have a long history of designing and manufacturing cylinder head for a variety of industries.


    Corporate Responsibilities

    We are a firm believer in corporate social responsibility and dedicated to help in making the world a better place.



    Superior quality and durability is a key ingredient in every piece of SIKCO automotive parts.


    Customer Services

    We endeavour to give a gratifying customer experience.

    Diligence, Dynamism & Determination

    Production with state-of-the-art technologies helps us to manufacture the best deliverables. The magic mantra that drives our company to success are the 3D’s – Diligence, Dynamism, and Determination to uphold quality.

    Word of Honour & Testing

    All our products come with SIKCO attributes assurance which are tested and approved through different phases to assure they are as per buyer’s requirement.

    • Quality checked spare parts.
    • All parts are tested at different levels.
    • Unrivalled quality at the best price.
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    Cylinder Head India